About Kim0no

I've always been a huge manga and anime fan; animes like Candy Candy, Lady Georgie, Captain Tsubasa, Glass no kamen, Slayers, Sailor Moon, Magic Knight Rayearth, Marmalade Boy, etc. were some of my childhood and teenage years' top tv choices and one of the topics me and my friends talked about in school. Anime led me to discover mangas, which have become my second top reading material - whereas I've pretty much stopped watching anime altogether. All this means I had to make a blog dedicated to them; still, I've hesitated for a long time before opening this site because there have always been people, my parents in first place, who keep telling me to drop this "childish hobby"....but in the end I silenty told all of them to fu*k off and opened Kim0no.
Mangas and anime are a big part of japanese culture (to the point that for example that phones, transports and lots of other big japanese firms and companies use them), so no site name was more fitting than that of the most traditional and worldwidely known japanese attire: the kimono; the site has been online since Fall 2016 and is kindly hosted by the wonderful Nicole @ Plasteeq.

Old versions

Here are all the site's old layouts, ordered from oldest to newest.