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New movies posted by Sasha on Jan.07.2018
My series interests posted by Sasha on Nov.26.2017
Of borderline-illegal sites posted by Sasha on Sep.30.2017
New look and pages posted by Sasha on Jul.15.2017
Movie year posted by Sasha on Jun.08.2017

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New movies

I got a bunch of new DVDs from Amazon, so I thought to share the list with you and give you some watching suggestion; here’s the list. ^.^
  • Outlander boxset with season 1 & 2 - simply a must-watch series. ♥
  • Deadpool - believe it or not, I never watched it, so I decided it was about time to. xD
  • Annabelle: Creation - I’m a huge fan of The Conjuring franchise so I couldn’t miss this one.
  • Ant-man - I watched it on tv, but my MCU inner fangirl wanted to own a copy. :p
  • The Incredible Hulk with Edward Norton - same reason as above, except I never watched this. :p
I especially recommend Outlander, it’s an awesome series and I recommend it to everyone - not just to romance fans, it is way more than a simple romance story. n.n

Have to go now, because I need to reply to the troll who called Outlander “just soft porn” on Amazon.
See you on next entry, everyone; cheers. XOXO

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My series interests

The title refers to tv series...more precisely, it stands for the tv series I have the DVDs of and are halfway through binge-watching, the series I'm considering buying the DVDs of and the series I'm just considering learning more about; it's not a big number, but I thought to share so people can share their opinions (if they're worth it or not, I mean) and suggest me other series. Here' the list.
  • Lucifer - watched season 01, need to start season 02.
  • Netflix's Marvel's Daredevil - got the DVDs, watching it right after Lucifer.
  • Arrow - got the DVDs, need to start watching it.
  • Shadowhunters - checked the DVDs on Amazon and might buy them.
  • Arrow's twin The Flash - I'm learning more about this series.
The one I'm most interested into right now is "Shadowhunters" - it's way better than the movie version and there's also an actual slash relationship in it ♥♥ - and I'll probably end up getting the dvds from Amazon as soon as I can recharge my debit card.
What do you think of my list, is it good? Which series should I add, or remove? Let me know you thoughts. n.n

Have to go now, as I need to check my latest YouTube videos notifications - haven't checked them for a while and I have nearly 20. xD
See you on next entry, fellas; cheers. XOXO

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