About webmiss

The owner of this site is a simple girl living a simple life in a small village somewhere in the north-italian countryside; currently unemployed, her working career include a travel agency and a press brake tools company. She first opened Photoshop about 12 years ago, and she hasn't stopped playing and enjoying it since then; her tools of the trade are Photoshop CC (graphic editor), Coda 2, Brackets, WeBuilder (code editors), EditPlus (live php-include offline viewer), FTPRush and WinSCP FTP.

LIKES :: Internet, fan fictions (especially slash), Photoshop, Coding, TV & movies, mangas, reading and eating (I have a huuuge sweet tooth xD).
DISLIKES :: People disrupting my likes, rainy days, being without internet, big bugs and vipers, conceited snobs and ignorant know-it-alls.
WANTED ITEMS :: A new tablet, a new phone cover and Pixelmator editor.

Random facts