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Of borderline-illegal sites

[EDITED ON 10.06] I tweeted about the site down here and they replied trying to make their shady practices pass for honest ones....using defensively inscrutable defenses with no rhyme or reason like the model is old, a special offer granting € 50 extra and above all claiming their prices are aligned with the market....except in said market my Mac, in its current conditions, sells for no less than € 800-850. Disgusting crooks. [/EDITED]

The sites the title refers to are those who walk the thin line between legality and fraud, meaning they provide something that is not punished in a court of law but it’s still millimetres away from being a frauding theft.
One such site is an italian site called TrenDevice who offers refurbished Apple Macs, iPad and iPhones at cheaper prices than Apple’s; the reasons I throw it among those shady sites are a few. Here they are.

- There is no written or digital document of any kind recording the transaction
- If the device is not sold because not as described, the client will have to refund the courier’s costs.
- If the device is to be sent back because different from its description, the client will pay a daily penalty until the device is not returned.

The biggest issues, though, are the (disgustingly) dirty cheap prices - not simply cheaper than Apple’s; to give you an example, I test-inserted my MacBookPro’s data: more than like new, perfectly working, comes with its original box and accessories....yet it was evaluated at only about $400 (349 Euros to be precise) when, considering its conditions, I could easily sell it for more than double that price. Absolutely shady practices; I don’t know why people use it when they get Apple devices with just a tiny bit more money (but much more reliability) on Amazon, eBay and similar sites.

Sorry for the mini-rant, but people like that site’s webmasters are hafetful and make me wanna puke.
See you on next entry, guys; cheers. XOXO

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New look and pages

Yayyy!!! After delaying, procrastinating and lazying about, I've finally managed to upload all the site's pages.
That means you now can learn more about the domain and its owner, apply for affiliation, link me back using one of my buttons....or just browse amilessly. xD

Since the site being 100% up and running is an event, I decided to "celebrate" it properly by giving it a new look: Kim0no's version 2.0 is called Albus Dumbledore, and it's a divs layout featuring the titular great wizard from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter saga....again, not made by me; I chose this because I love the saga and Dumbledore, but also because I liked the contrast between the super-bright first version and this super-dark one.

Have to go now, for I recently bought Kong: Skull Island and I need to watch it.
See you on next entry, fellas; cheers. XOXO

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