Of phone data plans

Like everybody these days, I have a smartphone with a monthly data plan that allows me to be online while I’m out....but since I don’t go out very much, keep my phone connected to my wifi when I’m home and mainly use the phone for calls when out, I got the smallest data plan available from my mobile company and I did get it only because you must have one in order to have a fully functional smartphone. For the kind of use I do, the data plan I have works fine for me.

Last week I said that in a comment on an Android-related site....and people started insulting me for that; I was repeatedly called a liar, many people implied I’m dumb and said that my phone provider is robbing me; all of that because, in all the time I’ve had it, my fee has never been modified by my provider - contrarily to theirs - and I wasn’t complaining about my mobile company like they did....it’s not my fault if they expected to keep paying almost nothing and get everything for forever, and I’m not sorry of being happy with what I have. But I don’t really care, as I’m not the one who acted and aboved all looked like an a*shole there.

Have to go, because I want to relax with some Netflix...as it’s too hot for anything else. xD
See you on next entry, guys; take care. xoxo

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Back again

It took a bit longer than expected, but Kim0no is finally back.
If you recall from the last post, my old host decided to shut down both her site and her hosting service so I had to move; luckily I found an awesome promo on WebHostingTalk, so I was able to change hosts almost immediately moving to a British provider called WebSound

I don't have much else to say, so I'm ending the post here.
See you on next entry; take care. xoxo

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